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You can't just dump dirt into an existing pool.  An improper pool fill-in could cause your pool to heave up over the winter.  To see the steps we take to remove a pool, click below.

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See how we follow the guidelines set down by the Ministry of Environment and your local town's building inspectors so you have no future problems.

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Are you doing a pool fill-in because a pool is too much maintenance?

Perhaps, instead of filling in your pool, you could convert it into a naturally maintenance free Swim Pond!

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It's a message that Mike Holmes drums home every day.

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Filling in a pool isn't just about dumping dirt and top soil into an old pool.  There are things you have to consider that aren't apparent.

Did you know that if you don't equalize the hydronic pressure between the outside of the pool wall and the inside before filling it in, the winter frost could heave your old pool and cause problems for years to come?  Or that your town's building inspector will probably ask to see your skimmer and floor drain after it's been removed - so you should keep for a while after the demolition is done. There are many components of a pool that need to be removed such as: pool liner, pump, heater, sand filter, metal walls, concrete sidewalk, slides, diving boards and let's not forget the 540 wheelbarrows needed to back fill the pool to surface.    It's knowing these little things that can make a project go smoother.  Click here to see how far we'll go to make sure you never have a problem down the road.

Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page answers a lot of the questions we've gotten over the years.  If you need more information, click here to give us a call.

By the way, see why Canada's largest newspaper says owning a pool is less healthy for you.  One more reason a swimpond may be right for your family.  Click here.

Check out the testimonials from our customers.  Most of our business comes from our customers and that should say something about the quality of our workmanship.

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This will cost thousands to repair.


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