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Question: Can I backfill a pool or does it need to be demolished?

Answer: The pool needs to be properly demolished and codes are required so it must be done properly, also when selling your home, disclosure must be given to the new home owner.

Question: Does the pool floor need to be broken up?

Answer: Yes, not only broken up, it must be jackhammered and saw cut to the clay base underneath and then we place 3/4 gravel into these cutout drainage beds so no silt clog up occurs.  The cut outs are 2ft x 3ft configurations in both shallow and deep ends.

Question: Does the drain need to be taken out ?

Answer: Yes it does and also the skimmer needs to be removed as well.   A town inspector may ask at anytime to see these two components. It is recommended that the home owner keep these two pieces or at least take photos if a pool inspection takes place.

Questions: Can any backfill be used?

Answer: No.  Bearcat only uses native soils and nursery grade soil; we do not use brick sand either. This is a critical step on the project and must adhere to proper fill procedures.

Question: Do the pool walls need to be removed?

Answer: Yes,a minimum of 30 inches from the pool surface for vinyl liner pools.  For concrete formed pools, the walls must be removed 18 inches from the pool surface.

Question: Does the homeowner require a permit?

Answer:  It is important for the homeowner to contact their local city planning/works department to inquire if a permit is required in their district

Question: What is the cost of a pool demolition permit?

Answer: If a permit is required, please contact the township on price of permit.  Most townships do not require a permit.

Question: What is the workmanship guarantee?

Answer: The workmanship is for one year, also included is a ten year no sink guarantee.

Question: Who drains out the water?

Answer: In most cases it is the responsibility of the homeowner, however I have on occasion drained a pool for homeowners that are unable to do so.

Question: Can I throw asphalt into the pool as backfill?

Answer: ABSOLUTELY NOT!!  This is classified as a contaminated material and MUST NOT be placed int the pool.  If an inspection takes place by the Ministry this may cause issues for the homeowner moving forward and the project can be put on hold.

Question: How long does a pool demolition take to complete?

Answer: A standard vinyl liner pool size of 16ft x 32ft x 8ft deep can take 5-8 days, weather permitting.  Oversized pools or concrete pools can take 7-12 days to demolish.  However, when it comes to compaction results of a pool, in my experience, I prefer to do a backfill and top up to surface over a 2-3 week period so the first two or three dump truck loads can settle naturally with help of rain water, then top up to surface a few days  later.

Question: Do I need to remove my gate for this Pool Demolition to start?

Answer: No, all Bearcat needs is a walkway and a 36 inch gate opening or more for equipment to pass through.

Question: Can concrete be dumped into the pool?

Answer:  Yes concrete can be dumped into the deep end of pool.  If customer does not want concrete dumped into pool, there will be additional costs for labour and waste bin rentals.

Question: My neighbor said you can fill a pool with any soil in two days?  Is this true?

Answer:  Absolutely false!  A pool demolition requires many days of demolition and must be done properly.  Most pools can take 5-8 days and our soil comes from reputable source site companies all across the GTA.

Question: Does the entire pool floor need to be removed?

Answer:  No, we cut out 2ft x 3ft drainage beds in both the shallow and deep ends.  We then place  ¾ inch gravel into both drainage beds.  To prevent any silt buildup or clogging, we then cover both drainage beds with landscape cloth.

Question: Once the pool is removed and backfilled can I sod the area immediately?

Answer:   It is not recommended.  I advise my clients to let it settle for one winter, however if the homeowner insists on sodding immediately it is advised to wait a minimum of 6-8 weeks to have the soil compact naturally and do a final top fill and complete the sodding project.

PLEASE NOTE:  The sodding process is Phase 2 and may require additional costs. 

Question: What is the cost of sodding?

Answer:  This is phase 2 of the project as each job varies in square footage and the use of landscape materials such as the amount of sod rolls, cubic yards of top soil and labor.   

Question: I was considering converting my inground pool into a swim pond, do you offer this service?

Answer:  Yes we can.  Please check our website at “” 

Question: Can I build a gazebo or build any structures or do any landscaping such as interlocking, tree planting immediately following a pool demolition/backfill? 

Answer:   We suggest waiting at least two winters before doing any projects with structural foundations.  Let it truly settle!

Question: Do you demolish concrete pools?

Answer:  Yes we do.  Please note, concrete pools are more labor intensive and more expensive to demolish.

Question: When you demolish a pool, do you remove the scrap from site?

Answer:  Yes we do.  We remove the pump, heater, filter, ladders, pool liner, metal walls, diving boards, tarps, slides, solar blankets and their assemblies.

Question: My pool is bigger than the standard 16ft x 32ft pool, is there an additional cost to demolish this size? 

Answer:  Great question!  Yes it will cost more due to the following, it requires more soil to fill, additional walls to be removed, more pool sidewalk to be removed and more labor intensive.

Question: I live outside of the GTA, what areas do you cover?

Answer:   We have demolished pools from Bowmanville to Kitchener; however there may be additional travel costs added.

Question: Have you ever had a pool that gives you nightmares?

Yes I have as a matter of fact!  I have seen a few over the years.  Let’s just say you are better dealing with me rather than the TRCA (Toronto Region Conservation Authority).

One pool was so neglected you could not get within 30 feet of it due to the stench and overgrowth of algae, E-coli bacteria over the past 12 years of neglect.  It needed to be chemically treated and pumped out by a Detox company that specializes in this area prior to starting the demolition.

**Please click here for a picture of “a pool fill in gone wrong

What you don’t want is a visit from the TRCA due to complaints from your neighbours as the TRCA will require swift and immediate action.

Here is the contact information for TRCA                                                                                                                                                          Toronto Region Conservation Authority, 101 Exchange Ave, Vaughan, Ontario   L4K 5R6   (416) 661-6600

Question: Do you have any contact information, as a homeowner regarding pool permits or any other legal requirements needed prior to starting a pool demolition project?

Please see below for contact information:

1. City of Toronto5100 Yonge St, 4th Floor,                                                                                                                                                                        Toronto, On  M2N 5V7    (416) 395-6252      (416) 395-6240 
2. City of Guelph,  (519) 837-5615 x 2299
3. Brampton Works Department, 8850 McLaughlin Rd,      Brampton, On, L6Y 5T1    (905) 874-2517
4. Durham Works Dept. 605 Rossland Road East, Whitby,Ont. L1N 6A3
5. Town of Oakville - Planning/Engineering Dept, 1225 Trafalgar Rd, Oakville,Ont.,                905-   845-6601
     E :
6. Mississauga Works Dept,  201 City Centre Drive  8th floor
     Mississauga, Ont., L5B 2T4
    E :

Please feel free to contact your local City Works department as guidelines and policies can change from year to year.