Pool Fill In Gone Wrong

bad demolition ezample

Here is a prime example of a pool that was not demolished properly the first time. This pool will need a total excavation in order for a proper demolition to take place.

Some additional facts about having your pool demolished properly so there will be no issues or complaints with the TRCA inspectors regarding  your Inground pool demolition.

The TRCA (Toronto Region Conservation Authority) have strict guidelines and protocol that must be followed.

In the quoting process, I have seen many different situations where pools have been filled with bicycles, toys, ladders, BBQ's, kitchen appliances, garden furniture, house furniture and even contaminated soil from a demolished gas station.

*** On a serious note... chances are, the pool floor was not broken up for proper drainage which is the most important part of the demolition project. ***   

A misconception by many think that this is just a hole in the ground. Just fill it and forget it.  Not quite so! Please see our step by step process in our gallery section on how a pool is properly demolished.

This job needs to be done right the first time!  When you the home owner decide to move, the new homeowner has the right to see any documents, invoices and/or any disclosures that the pool was properly demolished.

To demolish an 16x32 foot pool, 8 feet deep will take approximately 5-8 days to complete from start to finish.

We use only source site soil from reputable companies such as:

  • Salisbury Garden Supplies
  • Speelmans Garden Centre
  • Moody Construction and Topsoil
  • Hardco Sand & Gravel
  • Earthco
  • Kamstra Garden Supplies
  • Durham Topsoil
  • Arnts Landscaping
  • Islington Nurseries

For further information or additional questions regarding the TRCA, please see contact information below:


101 Exchange Ave

Vaughan, Ontario

L4K 5R6

(416) 661-6600

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