intact shell picture

Many of our clients ask if we can leave the pool walls and just fill the pool in.  In most cases, it's an effort to try to save some money - it's not inexpensive to remove an entire inground pool!  Sometimes it's because there's a decking that surrounds the pool that the customer likes to keep for entertaining.

There's 3 good reasons this is not a good idea...

  1. When you decide to sell the home, the offers you get could easily be $10,000-20,000 below market value because purchasers will want to remove the pool.
  2. There will be settlement in the first year or two.  It's even worse if the buried pool walls crack, then a lot settling will occur.  When any settlement happens, the lawn that was even with the top of the wall now sinks and creates a hazard and the need for more expense to add more fill and sod.
  3. In some areas, this doesn't meet with local building codes and could potentially incur fines.